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3 Conversations to Have With Children Before Summer

“Don’t go near a pool without an adult.” This is the most important water

safety conversation you can have with your child because it’s so simple. Even very young children can understand that certain areas are off-limits. Helping them see the danger of being alone around pools can prevent drowning incidents from ever happening.

“If you see someone struggling in the water, don’t jump in to try to help them! Run and get an adult.” Children trying to save children in the water often only creates two victims rather than one. Practice with them how to recognize someone who needs help in the water, and then teach them to run to go tell an adult.

“Here’s what to do if you fall in a pool …” Talk to your child about what to do if they fall in a pool. Then they’ll be able to respond with life-saving skills rather than panic. Encourage children to turn in the water, find the wall, and climb out. Then practice this technique in the pool.

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