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5 Great Benefits of Learning to Swim with Bubbles Swim School

1. Fun and Exciting Environment

At Bubbles Swim School we create a learning environment for babies, toddlers, and children that is relaxing and enjoyable for your little ones. Our method is to teach with love and patience. We gain the confidence of our students through games and fun. The idea is to enjoy the class and feel comfortable in the water.

2. Building the Basics

It is not only important that children not only learn to swim, but be safe in and around water. These are the building blocks that will sustain their skills. One of the key components of the specialized Bubbles Swim School Swim Program is having children learn to float on their backs. Once your precious ones learn how to swim and pick up their heads out of the water and go further distances. This is why repetition is important. When children are tired they can turn over on their backs and float, and then turn over and resume swimming.

3. Safety, Safety, and More Safety

Safety is a huge focal point at Bubbles Swim School. Swimming is an important life skill, and all children should know what to do in the water so they are always able to stay safe and enjoy the water. Each week during swim lessons we incorporate being safe in and around water in our classes.

4. Confidence in Your Little Ones

By your child coming to Bubbles Swim School your little one will be gaining confidence in the water, their abilities, and in their instructor, and in knowing what comes next. Keeping your kids confident and continuing to grow.

5. Family Swim Fun

To get even more out of your child’s swim lesson (and spend a little time together) this is great excuse for you to come and so he or she can show off their extraordinary skills they have learned.
Children ages 6 months and older can start swim lessons at Bubbles Swim School! You can register online today at www.bubbles-swimschool.com and get ready for a Bubbly experience.

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