AquaStretch™ for Fitness & Wellness

AquaStretch™ is an assisted stretching and myofascial release technique that frees the body of restrictions that limit flexibility and may cause pain with movement.

Benefits Include:

• Feel calm, loose, mellow, and mobile.
• Restore flexibility lost due to injury, surgery or training.
• Relieve muscle soreness and speed recovery from overuse or intense exercise.
• Improve sports performance and reduce injury risk by optimizing range of motion.
• Increase general wellbeing and quality of life, including better sleep and reduced pain.

Benefits Include:

Whether a beginner exerciser or elite athlete, AquaStretch™ works well in conjunction with any fitness program. For most people, an AquaStretch™ wellness program consists of two stages:
• Restoration: may require up to 6 sessions (1-2 times per week) to restore flexibility.
• Maintenance: once every month or two in order to preserve flexibility and wellbeing.

People may find they need AquaStretch™ again or regularly as the result of:
1. Premature use, causing improper healing.
2. Excessive or Repetitive use, provoked by one’s occupation, or recreation/sport activity.
3. Under use, due to insufficient exercise and/or lack of movement to avoid pain.
4. Conditions that pre-dispose development of fascial adhesions, such as Fibromyalgia.

Feel the extraordinary and often immediate benefits!

• Restore flexibility and joint mobility
• Decrease muscle soreness or tension
• Conquer effects of stress and improve sleep

Exercise Should Feel Good

In the comfort of shallow water, a Client will experience:
• A series of head-to-toe stretches.
• Permission to initiate and direct each stretch with the assistance of their Facilitator.
• Use of water’s support to freely move into stretch positions that cannot be duplicated on land.
• The power of the AquaStretch™ technique to improve movement and health!

“I’ve had back, knee, and foot surgery, so I had plenty of reasons to try AquaStretch™. Immediately after the session, I had a lot more movement in my knee and I felt as if I just had a good massage: relaxed and stretched out.
Bonnie R., Innsbrook, MO
I am a runner and was having knee pain when
running. After one session, I was able to run a
5-mile race with virtually no knee pain.
Tiffany R., Siesta, Key FL
I first tried AquaStretch™ because of low back and sciatic pain. It felt really good to be stretched like that; my body really opened up and my stride was much longer when I walked. After four sessions, I have no back pain.
Cindy H., Siesta Key, FL
Migraine headaches motivated me to try
AquaStretch™. I slept so well and even into the
next morning (something that never happens).
My migraines are less painful and the nagging
tension in my upper shoulders is non-existent.
I am so thankful for AquaStretch!
Jackie B., London, ON Canada
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AquaStretch™ may be the most important new wellness modality developed in the last 50 years.
Jack Anstandig, M.D., Cleveland Clinic Trained Neurologist